Our team guys will make 2 speeches on upcoming Symfony2 Camp 2016

The biggest meetup about Symfony 2 and 3 framework is coming - Symfony CAMP UA 2016 and our professionals Stas Zozula and Evgeny Kuzmin gonna to make 2 speeches there

Stas Zozula will make a speech about Real-Time Web applications with Websocket at the Symfony Camp UA 2016 http://2016.symfonycamp.org.ua/
It will be shown how to use our Symfony2 bundle https://github.com/smart-gamma/pushpin-bundle/ make socket application lighter

Evgen Kuzmin will speak about auto-testing solutions, not only from theory side, but base on a real cases and how to prevent regression bugs while developing process

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Written by admin on Friday September 30, 2016

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