What are the pros and cons of using PHP?


  • Low Barrier of Entry: Getting up and running with PHP is pretty darn simple. Making web pages is almost too simple. That’s due to it’s origins as a tool for building personal home pages and interpreting forms. Seehttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PH... for details.
  • Functional and Object Oriented Programming: Both are now well supported in the current version of PHP with Anonymous functions, also known as lambdas or closures, now gaining first class object status.
  • Huge Ecosystem: The ecosystem around PHP is gigantic. A lot of this is due to the popularity of WordPress and Magento. There are dozens of free and pay online training sites for PHP as well as local training locations around the globe.
  • Large Open Source Software Community: With the arrival ofComposersome five years ago, the OSS community has exploded with over 70,000 open source libraries available:https://packagist.org/statistics. Composer has ushered in a renaissance in PHP that may very well have saved it from obscurity.
Written by admin on Tuesday March 29, 2016