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This fuel post-management solution is, first and foremost, a connected assistant to following the evolution of the fuel in the tank. They provide the user with proof that every liter of fuel purchased is one liter efficiently consumed. If this is not the case, they provide the tools to apply the necessary patches.
Our partners have confirmed that our clients developed with and for carriers to provide them with the only genuinely efficient solution # carbon-connected.


Fuel protection

In real-time, be alerted to any attempted theft or intrusion on the device 24/7 anywhere in Europe.

Environmental commitment By

Reducing your consumption help minimize the impact of your activity on the planet.

Fuel theft insurance and assistance

Benefit from the first insurance/assistance covering fuel theft and related damages

Dedicated support teams

Benefit from a quality of service thanks to our technical and commercial support teams present on the national territory


Get savings quickly with the platform's analytics and optimization features.

The unique Device Associated with it makes it possible to add fuel protection to an axis of optimization and management of consumption. You can thus analyze your consumption in detail and act on it to reduce them.

Thanks to the remote updates of the Device and the constant evolutions of the platform's functionalities, you always benefit from the latest software evolutions of the product.

Real-time monitoring of vehicles and fuel levels

Quickly access the last known position of your vehicles and recover the previous fuel level in your tanks. Instantly identify low levels thanks to the color codes and organize your fillings.

Identify your dormant stocks to facilitate accounting.

Elimination of waste when consumption stopped

Analyze the consumption times when all your vehicles are stationary, with daily, weekly, or monthly reports for each car or your entire fleet.

Find the GPS location of all consumption when the fleet stops, filter by vehicle, or define an analysis period.

Manage your email / SMS notifications

Configure all your notifications according to the events you wish to receive, define the transmission mode, and display color codes on the platform.

Definition and monitoring of consumption objectives

Group your vehicles and define their consumption targets, and daily analyze their positioning concerning these objectives and the category average.

Find on your dashboard a classification of vehicles on which it is urgent to intervene to reduce consumption.

Precise analysis of vehicle fuel consumption

Analyze the evolution of consumption and driving behavior of each vehicle, and compare it against the target and other cars in the category. The frequency of the data will allow you to instantly identify events by finding them on the tank volume graphs.

Detection of diversions at filling

Retrieve all the filling information for your vehicles, the positions, and volumes of each of them.

Download your petroleum fuel files and automatically compare the fillings observed to detect any abnormal deviation during filling.

Management and optimization of fillings

Optimize your fillings by studying the filling thresholds and reducing their frequencies in the event of under-utilizing capacity. Eliminate consumption due to the dead weight of fuel transported unnecessarily.

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