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Learning Management System

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The project is designed to facilitate the educational process for students and not only. Thanks to LMS, you can go through the educational process, retraining, and so on anywhere. The system includes not only video lessons with instructors but also related forms of training, such as quizzes for students.


The system is suitable for any educational institution that plans to use distance learning, which is increasingly relevant during a pandemic.
LMS allows you to register educational institutions, create specific courses, conduct online classes, assign homework and tests for each lesson. LMS consists of two CRM systems: for the student and for the instructor. Each system provides the most informative and native information about the number of courses, current tasks, and so on.


- Ability to create multiple courses, programs, academies attached to one institution.
- Adding homework to each course
- Adding quizzes for students to pass.
- Eye-tracking system during a video lesson with the output of the results in the student's profile
- Mobile apps with the main education-related features

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