Smart Gamma at Uzhhorod developer meetup 23.0

We are happy to inform you that members of our team(CTO Evgen Kuzmin and Backend Developer Ivan Griga) will take part in the Uzhhorod developer meetup 23.0. with their discourses about:
Evgen Kuzmin :
Continuous integration / continuous delivery of web applications.
The report will include the following points:
- Building the process of continuous integration/delivery on the example of a Laravel application;
- The structure of the auto-testing organization;
- Integration of running tests and deploy on Jenkins CI server;
- Employment of Docker in conjunction with AWS ElasticBeanstalk for blue-green deployment.
Иван Грига:
MongoDB - About Performance Optimization
- For which data types MongoDB is more suitable.
- Basic tips for optimizing performance.
- How to quickly and easily speed up a high-load project that uses MongoDB as the main data repository.
- How to build queries and use indexes.
The meetup will take place on Wednesday, 27.03.2019 We invite everyone to join this event!
Click here to find more information about the meetup.
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