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Rekrut Extras connects Workers and Businesses(Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, and Catering). The app allows geolocating workers in the immediate vicinity to the local establishments so businesses can hire Workers immediately.
Employers have the opportunity to meet Workers in their neighborhood and build a list of "favorites" that match their criteria.
Businesses can recruit a Worker in real-time or schedule(Program a Worker) up to 1 month in advance. All Workers' skills are represented, including students and professionals of all levels.


Optimize the hiring process for the companies and establishments. Companies should be able to find the employees within a few taps on their location. Searching criteria should contain the worker's skills and their availability. Employees should be able to find the appropriate work contracts in their city. Parties can discuss the work details in the chat before confirming the details. Both sides can leave feedback about their collaboration and satisfaction with each other.


We continue extending the system with new functionality and features. 20+ French companies already use the solution we delivered, and it has 2+ thousand active users. Now our clients are making demos for the other companies daily to increase the number of establishments in the system. They are looking for additional investments to launch the app in a few other countries.

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